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Forbes Scans the Future of Sequencing

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

n its Jan. 17, 2011 issue, Forbes magazine examines “Jonathan Rothberg’s desktop decoder,” and reports on the potential for hackers to harvest sensitive data generated by “cheap gene scans.” In describing Life Technologies’ Ion Personal Genome Machine, Forbes‘ Matthew Herper calls it “the machine that could change your life.” Rothberg, too, is unabashedly optimistic about DNA sequencing: he expects it will soon catch up to the $100 billion medical imaging industry. “Sequencing is going to affect everything. …This is biology’s century,” he told Forbes. In order to go from a “$4 billion business to a $100 billion one,” Rothberg says that “like radiology, there will be armies of trained physicians using specialized machines, as gene scanning hits the medical mainstream,” as Herper puts it.  … rest